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My sincere thanks go to my British friend Prof. John G. who helped me finetuning some wording in these videos. Thank you John!

Easy Bullet Hardening

Lead alloys with some antimony and / or arsenic content can be oven hardened. This is an excellent way to bring soft bullets to 25 or more HBS. These hard bullets are suitable for high velocities, even in rifles. This is how it’s done:
1) Put bullets in a perforated tray. Single layer only.
2) Put tray in oven. Insert oven thermometer. Regulate temperature between 400 and 480 Fahrenheit. Do not trust the often erroneous oven readings.
3) Bake for 60 min. Fill bucket with water.
4) Immediately submerge HOT tray.
5) Let cool for 15 min.
6) Let dry and age harden for 4 days. This is important as lead alloys differ from steel and directly after quenching they are even softer than before. It takes them 4 days to age harden.

Easy Bullet Lubing, the Tumble Method

All you need for this very simple procedure is a small plastic bowl, liquid alox from Lee or others and a paperclip. That's all it takes in investments. How is it done? Rotate a handful of bullets plus a little liquid alox in said bowl, similar to old time pan-handling for gold. Tumble until all bullets are coated with a very light film, adding more alox if needed. The whole process takes less than 2 min. Pour bullets on a non-absorbent surface and let dry for a couple of days. The wax coats the entire bullet surface, as with 22 rimfires, in my view a much superior result to lube filling some groove only as with a convential lubrisizer.
As shown, a paperclip is indispensable to free the spout of the bottle from hardened alox.

Easy Bullet Pulling 1, Long Cartridges

With loading press, shell holder and carpenter's pincers you can easily pull bullets from long cartridges.
This is how it's done: Put cartridge in shell holder and raise the ram all the way up. Bullet will now be protruding from the press. Grip it with carpenter's pincers and lower ram. This pulls the case from the bullet. It will show two shallow marks but can be reused in most cases.

Easy Bullet Sizing, the Push Thru Method

This is a very simple, continuous method which uses your reloading press as the tool. The necessary additional accessories are very basic and low priced. You need a push through die with standard 7/8-14g plus a push rod that fits your press’s ram. They come in a large plastic container that you mount on top of the die to receive the finished bullets. That's it. Set up took 16 sec and with an additional 11 sec I was able to comfortably size 10 bullets from .313 to .308.

Easy Calculating Lead Bullet Alloys

The video shows an easy step-by-step method for calculating the proportions of source metals of known hardness that will give a blend with the desired hardness for a given load. A Brinell-Tester is mandatory to measure the hardness of the source alloys.

Easy Lead Hardness Checking

Now that Lee offers a low cost Brinell tester it has become a relatively easy matter to measure the hardness of lead alloys accurately.
Round nose bullets are filed flat laterally and held in the provided prism. In the case of ingots the prism is unsuitable and so an adapter has to be made. With the aid of your loading press, the sample is pressed against a spring loaded steel ball until the locating pin is flush with the top of the housing. Hold for 30 seconds in that position and then lower the ram. The impression is measured via the provided microscope and the associated Brinell hardness can the be looked up in the provided table.

Gun Safety Training in Germany

Here you will see aspects of the mandatory training that German shooters have to pass in order to legally own and carry guns. Since 2004 we have offered this officially approved training course, including the final examination, to sports shooters, collectors and professionals in the security industry. Foreign speakers may take their tests in English if they prefer.

Powder Safety Training in Germany

To legally buy, own and use nitro- or blackpowder in Germany you have to go to school and pass the tests. The school? That's us! And it's much more fun than boring. "Böllern" is a German only custom where the "Böllerschützen" fire black powder blanks in muzzleloaders, canons and mortars to celebrate holy days.
We recently added bullet-making to the curriculum. Watch our other videos on special topics.

Recovering Lead from Wheel Weights

Previously made exclusively of hard lead, since 2005 wheel weights of zinc, steel and plastic only have been used in Germany. Of course, some ancient lead weights still find their way into your tire shop's scrap bucket. This bounty must be sorted carefully. I use end-cutting pliers for quickly identifying the material these are made of. Lead can be notched easily, zinc with some effort, steel scarcely. Steel can also be identified by a magnet. Harvesting lead from wheel balance weights has become quite ineffective. In an actual 2013 survey 2.9 kg (6 lb 6 oz) of mixed weights yielded only 420 grams (6,481 gn) of lead, enough for 44 bullets of 148 gn. The Brinell hardness was 11 HBS as cast and 30 (!) HBS oven hardened. Watch our other video “Easy Bullet Hardening”.

Salvaging Lead from Range Scrap

The composition of range scrap is very variable, depending on the calibres and types of gun shot there. Besides lead there is the jacket material plus various impurities. In our case, 2,63 kg (5.8 lb) scrap from a steel backstop yielded 1,75 kg (3.9 lb) lead. The hardness was 7.2 HBS as cast and 18.3 heat treated.

Self-Loading Pistol, Tactical Clearing of Malfunctions

If a self-loading pistol doesn't fire and goes click instead, there is only one reasonable method, to quickly restore function:
1) FLIP gun 90 degrees to the right
2) TAP magazine bottom
3) RACK slide
4) Continue firing
For left-handed shooters, switch the sequence to TAP-FLIP-RACK.
This procedure is simple and works universally with 95% of all jams, no matter if it is stovepiping, a bad round or an insufficiently inserted magazine that is the cause. The remaining 5% can only be corrected in the workshop by experts.
If the procedure fails and the gun still malfunctions, seek ballistic cover immediately or take to your heels.
PS: Weapon IMI Baby Eagle 941 in 9 x 19, dummy rounds own production

Selfloading Pistol, Tactical Reload

The correct time for a reload is not WHEN but BEFORE you run dry. This does not mean counting every shot, as some German sports shooters and many Hollywood detectives do. In a real high stress situation this is not practical. If you carry a spare magazine, have fired several rounds and shooting pauses for some seconds, please reload NOW. Even during the procedure you are not defenseless, having a round in the chamber at all times. The removed magazine still is partly filled. Save it and, when the situation allows, put it back in the magazine pouch. Don't forget to close the flap.

Shotgun Shooting, the German way

PS: Mossberg 590, Glock 26

Suppressed Walther OSP

This is real footage of our suppressed Walther OSP caliber 22 short in action. You only hear the mechanical sound of the slide and firing pin. The last sound is different as the firing pin is not slowed down by a cartridge and hits the empty chamber instead. Gun and suppressor belong to our training aids.